From Beta to Release


While anxiously waiting for Prime’s Quest 1.0 to be approved by Apple, we think it might be a good idea to whip up a quick post with some updates from the team.

The making of Prime’s Quest has been an extremely valuable learning experience. From Alpha to Beta to Build 1.0, we’ve gone through numerous sleepless nights and countless iterations to arrive at the game we have today. For those of you who played the Beta version, we’ve made improvements to the game in many areas by improving audio, overhauling the UI, and improving general game design.

- UI
We’ve been constantly trying to give the game a distinctive and consistent look and feel. In order to achieve that goal, we replaced lots of graphics in the game and added more animations between puzzles. It’s safe to say the game feels much more alive, and completing a puzzle has become a more rewarding experience. In addition, we completely redesigned the map. The new map much more effectively expresses the theme of the game and it’s much easier for players to tell which levels have been completed.


- Audio
For those of you who played this game before, Prime’s Quest now features a significantly larger variety of sound effects that elevates the overall experience of solving puzzles, which is the core experience of this game. Soundtracks in the game have been completely remastered. Our audio guy picked specific playlists for different parts of the quest so that the changes in mood during the quest can be reflected.

- Game Design
We can’t say enough about how awesome our beta testers have been. Based on the feedback, we removed “missions” in the game to make sure our players focus on solving the puzzles without unnecessary and irrelevant distractions. We also added a challenge mode, which rewards players for doing well in the story mode, and adds difficulty for those intrepid souls that seek more challenging pursuits. Players are awarded with stars for finishing levels, collecting all items, and completing levels under a move par. There are currently three challenge packs available, with more coming in future updates.

TL;DR: We made the game extra cool, so you should go ahead and download it on the App Store on March 1st  :)

A little preview: our next post will be a walkthrough of the puzzle creation process. Stay tuned!

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