Beta is Live!!!

First of all, thank you everyone for signing up to help test out the game!

The Current Tally:

Hours Spent: 1400
Date development started: Jan 1st
Pizzas and Thai Food: A ton
ETA: Soon?

So we have cut it close once more and poured in over 90 hours of development time during the past week to bring to you fine ladies and gents our first ever beta of the game. For those of you who have followed the project since it’s inception back in January, you may notice a slight change….





With that being said, we are far from getting to our goal of launching in July, but I’d like to touch on where the game is in its current state.

#1 Mechanics (fully added)






When we first came up with the concept of primes quest, we created a list of 8-10 mechanics that we thought would be a blast for people to include into puzzles. After making an engine to support them, however along with a number of puzzles that could include them, we soon realized that we had missed out on a very important part of this game.

Are the puzzles any fun? We sure hope so!

#2 Levels

A lot of block based puzzle games generate puzzles at random because there is only one style of mechanic, however due to the complexity of our design, everything had to be made by hand. This could be a very tedious and laborious process. So in order to test out puzzles we had a few of these game boards created (insert picture of puzzles) by Colden’s father. They were a great way to create puzzles quickly, and with the help of other game board pieces, we managed to create a system that we could test out puzzles with everyone else in the office.

Here we can see Colin and Colin hard at work

Colin and Colin

Colin and Colin Making Puzzles

#3 Storyline

We have spent the past month(ish) tweaking and pruning our storyline and
cut-scenes to create a more engaging experience for the user. However we are trying our best to ensure that the story is not intrusive for those who seek to have a pure puzzle game experience.


Day of the lights

Set against a ravaged wasteland that has suffered from an event only known as ‘The Day of the Lights,” the game starts by following Prime as he begins his journey to find his grandfather, who has unexpectedly disappeared. Thus, our hero is forced to begin a premature journey into the wastelands and what lies beyond.

#4 To-Do List

Sound effects
Level difficulty scaling

We truly appreciate everyone’s support and we look forward to our launch.

If you are interested in still getting in on our Beta, Click here to snag one of our remaining Testflight spots.

-Dev Team over and out!

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