E3: Diamonds in the Rough

E3 2012 – Indie Games

As expected E3 has managed to underwhelm gamers as the Expo continues to shift from its hardcore gaming roots to an investor-oriented convention. However there are always a few diamonds in the rough at E3. Here’s a few of our Favorites:

The Act is a classical 2D animation “interactive comedy” (sounds interesting already) developed by React Entertainment and published by Chillingo. The game is special in its own ways in terms of the unique storyline and interactive features combined with amazing classical hand-drawn animations. I am (I think anybody will be) absolutely amazed by the characters’ expressions and interactions; it’s just so brilliant that it makes you feel that you are controlling an actual Disney movie.

The Act


Another game worth checking out is Tiny Troopers developed by Finnish Studio Kukouri. At the very first glance, the game reminded me of the old days of playing RTS games like Commando and the Red Alert series. All 30 missions in the game are designed with different themes, objectives, and setups.  In contrast to conventional RTS games, Tiny Troopers actually have amazingly explosive actions almost like an action game: shooting your enemies, jacking up grenades, launching rockets, and of course, blowing up places!

Tiny Troopers


In addition to mobile games, indie games have created massive buzz across other platforms in this year’s E3. While big-budget games continue to roll out “better version” of the previous releases, games like Hokra (Check out IndieCade at E3) and Hawken (a free-to-play mech-action PC game developed by Adhesive Games) have certainly earned more popularity and attention than new releases of major franchises like Gears of War and Call of Duty. My opinion in two words: well deserved.





PS Thanks Matt Groening for making The Simpsons

And also Tong our awesome intern for the summer for summarizing this for us :)

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