Indie Game: The Movie

I originally was going to just do a short review on this movie but due to the tardiness of this review, I wanted to take the time out to explain how it’s impacted myself and the rest of the team as we near completion of Primes Quest and the inspiration we’ve received from it.

On April 19th,  our team was invited to view a showing of Indie Game: The Movie in Harvard Square at the Brattle Theater. Which started as a successful Kickstarter Project, that grew faster than anyone could ever dream.

The showing was being put on by the Independent Film Festival of Boston, Boston Post Mortem, and sponsored by Adobe.

At this point in the development of our game, we had pretty much managed to avoid most of the indie developer gatherings, I had gone to PAX:East but we didn’t have a booth (which I regret), and very few people knew what we had been developing a game at all…

However we were all very excited to be going to something outside Kendall, and (from the trailer) going to something that looked incredibly awesome from the get-go. I’m always a little skeptical about really awesome looking trailers, (I think I have most of Hollywood to thank for that… See: Battlefield:Earth), but I was eager none the less.

I had accidentally purchased a ticket for the 9:30 showing; where as the rest of the team had attended to the earlier one. As I showed up to the theater, there was a line extending down the street and I started to see some familiar faces. Before the movie started, the directors, James Swirsky and Lisanne Pajot greeted everyone and basically only said, “We hope you enjoy the show.”

I instantly fell in love with this movie, not just because we are developing a game, but because it was refreshing to see so many passionate people working on something they would literally die for. Phil Fish (Fez), Tommy Refenes, and Edmund McMillen  (Super Meat Boy) were the focus of the movie however there was some great commentary from Jonathan Blow who did a more reflationary style, talking about Braid and his rollercoaster of emotions after releasing Braid.

The movie did a great job with showing how much of a struggle it can be developing something that in your mind will never be perfect. It also shed light on the sacrifices, the blood, the sweat, and tears of developing an independent title. Never did the movie seem staged nor did it ever seem to have a hidden agenda.

James and Lissanne instead just opened up a window into the world of game development and I’m incredibly happy to see that they, and the indie gaming community,  has received such high recognition and praise due to this colossus success.

As far as it’s impact on us:

-We’ve begun a much wider focus on joining the community not just from a marketing standpoint but because having a support structure of developers and friends can truly help you when you need it most. #payitforward

We’ve begun to attend events like:

and even began tweeting with @primesquest which has served more useful to gather feedback than we had anticipated :).

-We’ve also begun completely redoing our artwork and have been going overdrive on the UX/UI of the game. We originally had a scattered set of blocks with different textures and styles. This proved completely confusing to users concerning which were mobile and which were not.

This redux we feel will help alleviate some of these issues.

Before Screenshot



After Screenshot


We’ve also been tweaking the way that users interact with items like hammers and other objects, along with streamlining the HUD. We feel that this change makes it a lot more clear on which blocks can move and what objects will be stationary.


So in closing, no matter who you are or what you do, Indie Game: The Movie, in one way or another will change the way you see gaming, the way you see devotion, and you may even get a few good laughs out of it.

If you haven’t seen it yet, go find a showing in your local area or pre-order it!!!


Thanks for reading, I’m sorry I wrote so much (I actually still had to trim it down)



Zach and the Dev Team

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