Prime Visits Apperian!

There’s a certain solace about working on things behind closed doors. For much of the development of Prime, we had remained rather ‘hush-hush’ about what we’ve been doing.  Being out first game, we’ve regarded it as our baby, yet falling into this thinking can be dangerous.

Tunnel vision is a very real situation that can arise and at some point you have to actually show what you’ve been working on to the rest of the world. That was part of the reasoning behind creating this blog. However, making a blog doesn’t actually generate as much feedback as seeing people actually watch and play the game. Thus as of 4:05pm yesterday we decided to throw prime onto one of our iPad’s and truck our way down to the offices at Apperian for their Monthly Meetup  (and by we I mean prime and myself, the rest of the team hung back to play D3 and code… lucky ducks)

 It was my first time at the Apperian office, I met Ron Marinelli at the door who immediately recognized that I was a newbie and directed me to a room filled with Beer and Boloco Burritos. Already my nerves began to settle as I cracked a cold one and grabbed a rather tasty tikka masala wrap. (I apologize for the filters, I’ve been testing out Path)



Not a bad selection

Burritos mmmmm…..

There were about 40-50 people in the space, very casual atmosphere, and I immediately joined in on a conversation with a gentleman working on a really nifty project called Mapkin: “It’s a zero clutter navigation app that only lists important landmarks and leaves out the fluff. “ Definitely worth checking out.

The presentations start and I’m #2 in line. After the first speaker I approach the projector and fiddle with the 32pin connector to finally bring Prime on the main screen. As I progress to the next slide, the screen goes blank, and I realize that I had accidentally unplugged the iPad. #FAIL. I managed to regain my composure and finished out the presentation with a few laughs as I had invited one of the audience members to come play with the game while I talked about the mechanics.

 All and all it was a great experience to finally bring Prime out of the closet and I’m really happy with the feedback and warm reception everyone seemed to give despite it being a very early Alpha build. There was some great feedback and questions and I’m glad to finally start sharing what we’ve been working on with everyone.

 Thanks again to everyone who attended and we look forward to sharing our development experiences and updates as we near completion!!!

 -Zach and the Dev Team

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