2D vs 2.5D

During development of Primes Quest we’ve gone back and forth between the traditional 2D view used in many traditional ‘Sokoban’ styled puzzle games but we eventually landed on a more recent technique known as  ’2.5D’(Oblique Projection (and by recently I mean post Atari generation… man I’m starting to feel old).

Since we didn’t go with utilizing a 3D engine we were forced to do a straight on view point as seen below. This allowed us to create the ‘three-dimensional’ look without needing to do the complex math to make things work when they moved. (We hate math)

Oblique Perspective

Below we have compiled a little Pro/Con for each style in hopes to demonstrate to you why we chose the 2.5D.

Two Dimensional



  • - Simplicity
  • - Limits user error when selecting blocks



  • - Looks bland
  • - Prime looks odd compared to rest of blocks
  • - Assets limited to blocks

2D Prime


Oblique Perspective



  • -  Brings depth perspective to the user
  • -  Allows for non-block shapes
  • -  Ability to hide items behind blocks
  • -  It’s almost 3D!!!!



  •  - Makes it hard to discern blocks
  •  - Art takes twice as long to draft

2.5D Prime



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-The Dev Team

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